01- Braking diagnostic module

Here are all symptoms that may be encountered in a conventional braking system, they are ordered by driver felt or effect on the vehicle.

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1- The part can't be fit

2- The pedal is elastic under a normal effort
3- The pedal is hard
4- The pedal sinks under low effort
5- The pedal sinks slowly under a normal or strong effort
6- The pedal race  is long but tought
7- The pedal vibrate
8- The pedal vibrates and hammering / grazing appears

Components  disc and drums  brake systems :
9- Wear abnormally fast  on front  brake disc
10- Wear abnormally fast  on front and/or rear  brake disc
11- Irregular pads wear or  wear in bevel
12- Abnormally wear on drums brakes lining
13-Important response time of brakes
14-One or more wheels blocking under a low deceleration
15- Pulling: a front brake is more effective than the other
16-Sideways pull: a rear  brake is more effective than other
17-Brutality during braking
18-Disc brakes noisy
19-Brake drums noisy
20-Abnormal overheating on a drum or disc
21-Abnormal overheating 

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