Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

In compliance with legal requirements, Valeo Service provides Material Safety Data Sheets for information on chemical substances that are provided on the market. These documents contain information on the safe use and potential hazards related to these substances. In particular, medical personnal can retrieve important first aid measures in response to the most important symptoms and effects in case of an exposure.

Just select the category where the substance belongs to.

Braking.pngBrake fluids and CleanerClimatecontrol.pngRefrigerant oils and UV dyeClimatecontrol.pngAir conditioning cleaners


Valeo Service provides paper catalogues of all our product lines. You may not have the latest release of each catalogue at your desk. Here you may consult the newest version online.

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Braking.pngBrakingClimatecontrol.pngAir ConditioningElectricalaccessories.pngElectrical AccessoriesElectricalsystems.pngElectrical System
Enginecooling.pngEngine CoolingIgnition.pngIgnitionLightingandSignaling.pngLighting and SignalingPost-equipment.pngPost-equipment
Securitysystems.pngSecurity SystemsSwitches.pngSwitchesTransmissions.pngTransmissionWipersystems.pngWiper Systems
Windowlifts.pngWindow RegulatorsFiltration.pngFiltrationGarageEquipment.pngGarage Equipment

Fitting Instructions

Once you have received your Valeo spare part, you may want to know how to install it on the vehicle. For the most difficult operations, Valeo Service provides you with fitting instructions, in addition to those you will find in the Valeo box.

Available fitting instructions

In order to find the fitting instructions for your Valeo part, just select your product in the list below. Then select the vehicle, or just enter the Valeo part number in the search field.

Braking.pngBrake pads
Climatecontrol.png Receiver dryers

Cabin air filters
Windowlifts.png Window regulators
Post-equipment.png Driving assistance systems

Parking assistance systems
Transmissions.png 4P clutch kits

Traditional clutch kits
Wipersystems.png Front wiper blades

Technical Service Bulletins

Our Technical Bulletins are the result of feedback coming from those workshops where Valeo products are installed. Valeo Service analyses this information and frequently issues Technical Service Bulletins in order to simplify the installation of our products and avoid common mistakes. Please check available Technical Bulletins from Valeo Service on a regular basis!

Most relevant Service Bulletins per product line

Climatecontrol.pngAir ConditioningElectricalsystems.pngElectrical SystemEnginecooling.pngEngine CoolingPost-equipment.pngPost-equipmentTransmissions.pngTransmission

Product Sheets

Before ordering a Valeo product, you may want to know more about it? You want to make sure that it is the right product for you? You need technical data and pictures about Valeo products? Here you will find detailed technical datasheets. You can call them directly by the Valeo part number, or search the part by vehicle application and product type.

Available product sheets

Braking.pngBrake pads

Brake discs
Climatecontrol.png Refrigerant and A/C oil
Filtration.png Air filters
Oil filters
Fuel filters
Switches.png Engine sensors
Transmissions.png 4P clutch kits
Windowlifts.png Window regulators
Wipersystems.png Front wiper motors

Rear wiper motors