Discover Valeo Techassist

How to find your information quickly?

Start the search for information in Valeo Techassist

There are four ways to start a search for information in Valeo Techassist: by the Valeo product part number, assisted by an Information Wizard, with a selection of search criteria or with a text pattern search.

Search a document by the Valeo part number

  • Enter the Valeo part number in the search field and click "GO"
  • All documents linked with this part number will be displayed.



Be guided by the Information Wizard

  • Click on one of the four big pictograms on the Valeo Techassist homepage, according to your domain of interest: Product Documentation, Workshop Tools, Training or Assistance.
  • A short explanation will lead you to the most relevant items in each domain.
  • At the end of the process, a list of relevant documents will be displayed.


Search a document by criteria

  • In the left menu, you may select the attributes in any preferred order.
  • Select your criteria for the type of information, the vehicle and the associated product.
  • Browse the resulting list of documents.


Start with a free text search

  • You may start your search with a free text in the search field. All documents that contain this text will be found.
  • Now, you may refine your search in a similar way, by using the appropriate attributes in the left menu.


Progressively refine your search criteria

  • At each step of selection, you will get a complete list of all documents corresponding to your search criteria.
  • If that list is too long, refine your research further. Select one or more additional search criteria in the left menu. The resulting document list will be shortened by adding this new filter.
  • At any point, you may enlarge your research again by removing a search attribute. Just click at the red cross next to it.


How to deal with documents in Valeo Techassist?

Access to the document

  • Open the document by clicking on its name or title. It will open in the same window.
  • When you want to come back to this document later, add it to your "Favourite" folder by clicking at the button in the top right panel.
  • You may return to the list of files with the "back" button of your Internet browser.
  • Via the pop-up menu linked with the right button of your computer mouse, you may open the document in new window or in a new tab of your browser. The list of documents remains open in the previous tab.

Appreciate a document

You may help Valeo to improve the technical information service. Make use of one of the methods of communicating your appreciation on one document or on the entire application.

  • Enter your personal ranking for the open document by selecting the number of "stars". Later, you may list the documents in the order of your personal preference.
  • Enter a comment at the bottom of the document. Valeo will use your helpful feedback and may share your remark with other users.
  • Share your testimony about the fitting of a Valeo spare part with other users. When you have documented an interesting installation, you can capitalise the operation online. Describe briefly each operation and add photos.
  • After some times of using Valeo Techassist, a survey form will be offered to you. We really appreciate your opinion and any improvement proposal from your side.

How to keep in touch with Valeo Techassist?

As registered Valeo Techassist user, you may receive a message any time new information is published in your field of interest. But in order to avoid you receiving useless messages, we recommend you to configure your user profile:

  • Open your user profile via the main menu.
  • Here you may modify your personal data, including your password.
  • You may also select a picture of yourself or your workshop that will be displayed in the login panel.
  • Finally, you may select your fields of interest and activate (or deactivate) the mailing function.