Automotive Technology is high tech. You want to be at the latest level of knowledge and progress with your time? Valeo helps you on remaining up to date.



Valeo spare parts are technical products. You want to understand how they work?

  • We provide easy-to-understand explanation on our products function.

You want to maintain your professional knowledge?

  • Valeo offers online training for you. You will learn essential facts quickly and at any time you wish.

You want to learn about common failures, how to detect them easily and get them fixed efficiently?

  • Study the Valeo diagnostic guidelines on frequently encountered failures.
  • Compare your real parts with the pictures in the Valeoscope.



You want to know what is new about environmental legislation?

  • Valeo assists you in being “green” – repair automobiles while respecting the environment.

Our professional life is a permanent learning process. Valeo is a training partner for you and your teams.